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CSR Dark Sun Play Report # 1 - Mekillots and Mauraders (P1)

Greetings Readers!
This is it, the first of my actual play reports from our Darksun campaign.  So far we have been having a lot of fun. These reports will be partly actual play and dialog form our games, and party fiction blended in to make things more exciting.

Before I introduce the players, I would like to give a special shout out and thank you to Ngaire, my wonderful spouse. She is a great player, and takes excellent notes during our sessions (so that the GM who won't do it himself can remember things days later). She also reminds me to work on my games when I am feeling lazy.

Thanks babe!

And now... our group of hardy adventurers!

The Players

Matt is playing as Gatoralaz, a Mul Gladiator (Warrior) who Masters Weaponry.

Gator is an ex-gladiator who has won his freedom from the slave pits of Balic.  He paid for his own life may times over with the blood of fallen foes, and was awarded a valuable Steel Great Axe by his grateful owner on the day of his release. His friends (and his lazy GM) call him Gator.

Chris is playing as Nameless, a Doomed Sorcerer (Adept) who Rides the Lightning.

Nameless is accompanying this rag tag band of adventurers because of some dark omens.  He belives that this path they tread, may be the only path that leads to his salvation.  Perhaps with their help he can find a way to save himself.  He carriers a long leather whip as his main weapon, and enjoys charging it with arcane electrical energy.  As of yet, he has not defiled the earth to power his magics.

Ngaire is playing as Goron, a Half-Giant Explorer who Hunts with Great Skill.

Goron is a gentle and friendly half giant.  He towers over the rest of the party and is a fierce defender of his friends, but rarely seeks out danger or combat.  He is most happy when there is new food to discover, and game to hunt.  Goron loves to cook!  He wields a great club as his weapon when the situation calls for it, but has been known to hurl a large rock or two as well.

Neil is playing as Corvid, A Tiefling Cutthroat (Explorer) who Summons Demons (Controls Beasts).

Corvid is a stranger to this plane of Athas. He and his people were long ago stranded and settled within the Grey, the land of shadow and death.  He was suddenly ripped from that world and deposited within the alleyways of Balic.  If only he hadn't tampered with that powerful magical artifact!  Now he searches for a way home.   Corvid wields daggers for close combat, and carries a bow as well.  He can also summon a Shadow Hound to do his bidding.

The weather is hot and sunny and a dry wind carries light dust across the Road of Legions. A few hours from the gates of Balic, Gator, Goron and Nameless are resting along the side of the road and enjoying a midday meal of roasted lizard (Corvid joined our group a few sessions into the game).

They are returning from working as caravan guards. A team of wagons needed some warriors to escort them South to the black markets of Celik.  The work was dull and uneventful, but it paid well.

("Clay: Each of you begins play with 250 ceramic pieces!" Also, Chris I need a name for your character.)
(Chris: "I'm doomed - I don't need a name.")

As Goron swallows his last few bites of his meal, he picks up on a tantalizing scent drifting on the warm wind.  It is familiar, but it takes him a few moments to recognize what it is.  It is Bloodspice!  A rare and highly valued spice found only in the Southern Wastelands.

The half-giant doesn't hesitate. He stands and quickly stomps off in the direction of the smell.  His mind is so fixed on finding the source of the odor, he doesn't think to tell his companions where he is heading.

Goron is showing no sign of turning back, so Gator and Nameless finish the last of their lunches and begrudgingly follow him over the embankment and South from the road. After trudging along the rocky back for a few moments the party begins to hear a rumbling noise that soon gets quite loud. They peer over the crest of a hill, and see a large lizard charging across the sand towards them!

The beast is panicked and racing across the sandy ground towards them. There is a large portion of a wagon traces and tackle dragging in the dust behind it.  Goron decides he can stop the beast! With a mighty cry he leaps behind the lizard as it passes by and grabs a hold of the traces trailing behind the behemoth. He plants his feet to pull with all his might and try to make the beast stop.

(Ngaire: *Rolls a 1* "Oh no!")

Goron underestimates the power of the great lizard andis too stubborn (or stupid) to let go of the reigns.  He his pulled from his feet and dragged off, kick and bouncing through the dust and brambles.

Gator sees that his friend is in distress and reach into his pack, pulling out a small device and hurling it ahead of the charging lizard. It is a Level 4 - Web Detonation Cypher.

As the lizard passes over the device there is a hissing pop and it suddenly becomes engulfed in a cloud of thick sticky webbing.  It slows to a stop and after a few minutes of frantically tugging to try and free itself it calms down visibly.  Goron skids a halt several feet short of the sticky webs, dusts himself off, and ties the beasts up on a nearby rock.

With the animal secured Goron once again leads the party off in the direction of that tantalizing smell. Two minutes further along the rocky hills and the party stumbles across a chaotic scene. Below them is another road, which connects one of the southern Silt Sea ferries with access the Road of Legions. The road is smaller, and less traveled, only used by those merchants and adventurers who are brave enough to cross the Silt Sea. A large merchant wagon lies upon its side in the valley, one of its wheels is badly damaged.  There are goods and cargo spilled messily across the nearby sands.

The damaged wagon is surrounded by a group of five Elven raiders. On top of the wagon, a figure wearing a dark robe is holding the attackers at bay using a scimitar. At a quick glance, it is apparent that the marauding elves have attacked this merchant, who is admirably defending his wares but is greatly outnumbered.

(Matt: "So, how do we engage the elves? Do we roll initiative? Can we reach them in one turn?") 
(Ngaire: "Who says we are attacking the elves? Really, what's in it for us? Maybe we are only interested in the reward.") 
(Chris: "In which case, we could wait until they finish their fight and then take on the weakened victor.") 
(Ngaire: "Do we want to be heroes?") 
(Matt: "I just want to fight.") 

Without hesitation, Gator rushes down into the valley toward the wagon. His great axe is already in is hands and he has THAT look in his eye.

Nameless shrugs and follows the Mul, but picks his path down the slope with more care.

Goron saunters down the hill in a low easy gait. He calls out loudly while rubbing his hands together. "Hello, friends! I smell something delicious!"

As the party approaches the scene, they are able to make out some more details.  The man standing atop the toppled wagon was covered in tattoos and many cuts.  He holds a large scimitar in his hands and is waving it wildly to keep his attackers at bay.

Goron calls out to the merchant. "Are you willing to trade some of your tasty smelling wares for assistance?"

The merchant barely appears to register the words, however after a couple of moments he notices the others approaching and nods affirmation to the Half-Giant.

Elf Mauraders - Lvl 2 - Swords and Javelins - Speed Defense as Lvl3
Designed to be part of an introductory battle to teach my players how the system works. The elves are wearing little armor or clothing, they have cheap swords and javelins which they can toss up to a short distance.
Motivation: Steal as much as possible and flee if things get too risky.

*Dice clatter*
*Chris rolls a 20.*

Nameless sparks and courses with electrical energy. His adrenaline kicks in and he springs into action before anyone else does.  He rushes down the hill into the valley and strikes at the nearest marauder, cracking his whip into the air near the Elf.  His foe is prepared for the onslaught however and manages to avoid the blow.

The Elf responds by hurling a javelin from close range! Another nearby marauder runs a few steps and tosses a javelin as well.  The sorcerer gracefully dodges both of the missiles.

Goron charges down the hill at top speed.  His large size and bulk make him a terrifying sight! He rushes right through the Elven lines and positions himself between the attackers and the overturned wagon.  He turns, flexes his muscles and plants his huge feet firmly.

With his heavy club held in his hands he roars to his companions. "DEFEND!"

The two Elves closest to the Half-Giant bravely (or stupidly)engage him.  The first takes a cautious swing his sword, which Goron easily deflects.  The second attacked uses the opening to chop at the giant as well.  The hit is solid and strikes Goron's body armour. The stone sword shatters into pieces as it impacts with the armour, and Elf's face falls.

The final Elf aims his javelin at the merchant standing atop the wagon. The javelin impales the merchant through his shoulder and he drops his sword, stumbling backwards and tumbling down from the wagon into the sands.

Gator rushes the Elf who just wounded the merchant and swings his axe wildly. The Elf quickly ducks beneath the weapon and avoids the blow.

Goron pulls a small rune stone from his belt pouch.  He holds it up for the Elves to see.
"You shouldn't have attacked him. Now I'm angry! I'm going to call my friend from the elemental plane to teach you a lesson."

He points the stone in their direction. "Come forth, fire elemental! Heed my words and burn my enemies!"

Thanks for checking in and reading this play report. In the stunning conclusion to our story we will see what the results of this wanton cypher use will be!

- ZIP!

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