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The CSR Dark Sun Primer: Part 3

Character Creation Continued....

Here are the rest of the Racial Descriptors I provided for my players to choose from.  With a special guest star: The Tiefling!  One of my players is a pretty big metal head, and the concept of playing a dagger wielding blood thirsty demon-like character was too sweet to resist.

Racial Descriptor - Halfling

Once halflings were the masters of the world. In fact, during the Blue Age the halflings were the only intelligent beings on all of Athas. They were the original inhabitants of the world, and all human, demi-human, and humanoid races are descended from them.

Halflings grow to a height of 3½ feet and weigh 50 to 60 pounds. They are muscled and proportioned like humans, but they have the faces of wise and beautiful children whose features never succumb to the rigors of age.

Their language is made up of words and the sounds of nature, making it very difficult for outsiders to understand.

As a Halfling you gain the following Characteristics:

+2 to your Speed pool.

Light Footed
Skill: You are trained in all Stealth actions and Initiative actions.

Resistance to Magic
You gain an asset on all actions to defend against magic and magical effects. Enabler.

Halfling Tongue
Inability: You only speak one language, the Halfling language composed entirely of nature sounds and hand gestures.

Suggested Initial Link to the starting Adventure:
Choose one other player, that player gains the following skill training: Trained in: The Halfling Tongue.
This character is likely the only character who understands your language, and is your longtime companion.

Racial Descriptor - Mul

Muls are born of mixed heritage, created from the union of humans and dwarves.

Muls retain the height and adaptability of their human heritage and keep the durability, bulk, and raw strength of their dwarf side. As such, muls are among the most powerful of the demihuman races. Adults grow to heights of between 6 and 7 feet tall, weighing in at over 250 pounds.

Muls found in the slave pens of the city-states and merchant houses usually work as gladiators or laborers. Their great strength and endurance make them valuable in both positions, and because so much goes into creating and maintaining a stable of mul slaves, their owners often pamper them—provided they perform well...

As a Mul you gain the following Characteristics:

+2 to your Might pool.

Mul Vitality
Your recovery rolls are made at 1D6 + 2 + Your current tier. Enabler.

Extremely Tough

The duration of attacks or effects that would Slow, Stun, Daze or Immobilize you are halved.  Additionally you gain an asset to rolls which defend against these effects.  Enabler.

Racial Descriptor - Thri-Kreen

Thri-kreen are large insectoids —the least “human” of all the intelligent races of Athas. Standing 7 feet tall at the shoulder and growing about 11 feet long from end to end, they have six limbs, sandy-yellow exoskeletons, and large, multifaceted eyes.

Many things make the thri-kreen strange and alien to those of the other races, not the least of which is their appearance. Add to that the fact that thri-kreen don’t sleep, that they don’t collect wealth or possessions, and that they sometimes eat other intelligent creatures, and the differences between humans and thri-kreen seem vast and imposing. 

Those who have won the trust and friendship of a thri-kreen wind up with a friend for life. The pack mentality is so ingrained in thri-kreen culture that they apply it to every situation they find themselves in. As they would in an all-thri-kreen pack, they leap to protect their clutch mates (regardless of race) whenever danger strikes, no matter the risk to themselves.

As a Thri-Kreen you gain the following Characteristics:

+2 to your Speed pool.

Non-Standard Body
You cannot wear armor due to your unusual body shape.

Your natural chitin provides you with an Armor value of 2. Enabler.

Thri-Kreen have four arms and as such can wield up to four ‘hands’ worth of weapons choosing which to attack with each round. Enabler.

They also gain the following special ability:

Multi-Arm Attack
Cost - 2 Speed Points

You may make 1 additional attack during your turn. This must be made with a different weapon than your first attack. Action.

Bonus Racial Descriptor - Tiefling

NOTE: This text is abridged from the 4E Darksun Campaign Setting by WoTC.

Tieflings are descended from humans who bargained with dark powers for the strength to surviveon Athas and destroy their enemies. 

Most tieflings lurk on civilization’s fringes in nomadic bands, drift ing through the wastes in search of victims to rob and kill or hiring themselves out as vicious mercenaries.

Many tieflings believe that they carry a blood debt the price to be paid for their ancestors’ bar
gain and face an eternity oftorment unless the debt is paid in their lifetime. Some assume that the debt
can’t be paid and live in debauchery while they can, whereas others lead lives of virtue in the hope of
breaking their patron’s hold. The most dangerous tieflings are those who believe that their debt must be
paid in blood, and that each soul they send into death reduces their own burden.

As a Tielfing you gain the following Characteristics:

 +2 Intellect

Prehensile Tail
You have a dextrous tail which can attack, grab objects and hold a light weapon. Enabler

Fiend Blooded 
You resist two points of all damage from fire or heat sources. Additionally you deal +2 damage to any foes who are Bloodied (reduced to less than half their total Health by damage). Enabler.

Demon Vision
You can see heat signatures with infra-vision via your demonic eyes. However you are very sensitive to bright lights and take a two step penalty to actions in bright light. Enabler.

The character's each of my players ended up with are listed below:

Playing as Gator: a Mul Gladiator (warrior) who Masters Weaponry.

Playing as Goran: A Half-Giant Explorer, who Hunts with Great Skill.

Playing as a Nameless Doomed Sorcerer (adept) who Rides the Lightning. "I'm Doomed, I don't need a name!"

Playing as Corvid: a Tiefling CutThroat (explorer, warrior flavor) who Summons Demons (controls beasts).

When next we revisit this setting, I'll get into play reports.  We have a good number of adventures under our belts so far, and I am excited to tell you about them!

- BAM!

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